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We get men results that last

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Lose 2-6x more weight†

Beat stress eating

See results for life

†Compared with lifestyle change alone. Access to FDA-approved medication is at the discretion of your doctor.

Built by men.
For men.

Research shows men are underserved by existing programs helping people get to a healthier weight. By joining a program optimized for men like you, you'll receive the support you need to achieve long-term results.

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Get lab work done for a Metabolic Assessment

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Connect with a specialist doctor for FDA-approved medication (if appropriate)

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Coaching to strengthen your psychology and habits


How we get men results that last

Fella uses male biology, men's psychology, and the latest medications to crack the code for good.

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FDA-approved peptide medication

Evidence shows willpower isn't enough. We’ll work with your insurance to try get it covered.

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Personal coach focused on your psychology

From coaches who understand the psychology of male performance. Beat stress eating for good.

Private community of men like you

We win as a group. You’re not in this alone. Join the team and share support with men like you.

How much weight could you lose?

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Men are getting results that last with Fella

See why Fella works for men

Verified Review

Progress for the last 2 and a half months

"Me holding a 42lb pumpkin. Representing the weight I've lost over the last 2 and a half months."

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Verified Review

Results show on the scale

"It's all been a really good process to be honest with you. Fella's different because it's teaching me different things - it's not a diet, it's about making better choices. I feel better, I sleep better (used to have insomnia).. And the results show on the scale."

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Verified Review

On track to lose weight

"If I could go back and talk to myself a year ago about the Fella program, the biggest things I'd say would be about the coaching and the mindfulness. I think that's the biggest impact it's had on me, helping keep everything on track to lose weight."

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Try smarter
Not harder

Losing weight without the right resources is like trying to build a house without the right tools. If you’ve failed in the past, it’s not your fault. We’re here to give you what you need to succeed.

Am I Eligible?
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Fella Program

What does my one year experience look like?

Week 1: Get lab work done for a Metabolic Assessment

Your blood work is the foundation of effective medical treatment. This allows your specialist doctor to assess your current metabolic health so we can tailor your experience to where your biology is at. Your doctor will work with your insurance to get it covered.

Week 2: Video call with your specialist doctor to prescribe an FDA-approved medication

We connect you with your specialist doctor to review your lab results and your medical history. Your doctor will prescribe you the most effective FDA-approved medication (if appropriate) which is suited to your biology and your lifestyle. The medical team will work with your insurance to try get this covered.

Week 3: Start one-year of coaching to strengthen your psychology & improve your habits

At the start of the program, you'll be matched with your dedicated coaching team. There are regular video sessions to work through your own psychology behind stress eating. Plus each week, you'll focus on one small behavioral tweak — based on the evidence for tackling obesity for the long-term.

By Week 4: Have been introduced to a cohort of men like you to tackle this together

Fella is built by men and designed for men. We're fed up of feeling like the only guy in the room. And this isn't about a beach body — this is about a healthy body. When you join Fella, you are matched with a cohort of men like you getting to a healthier weight together. Dad jokes welcome.

By Month 3

You should see improvements in your weight and energy levels.

A stronger mind & more in control around food.

New exercise habit & improved sleep.

By Month 6

You should see improvements further improvements in your weight.

Psychologically strong and in control around food. Exercise habit ingrained and sleep improved.

Get lab work again to see improvement across metabolic markers like blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

By Month 12

Maintain your new healthier weight.

Get lab work again to quantify progress on metabolic markers.

Have sufficient metabolic health to taper off medication for health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

How does the program actually work?

Your metabolic health is affected by stress eating, how well you sleep, and how much you exercise. Researchers call these the pillars of metabolic health. These are difficult habits to change, but evidence suggests improving these pillars is key to long-term success in staying at a healthier weight.

You will attend a bi-weekly 30 minute session to address stress eating. This will be together with your cohort of other Fellas going through the same process together.

Separately, you will regularly message your dedicated coach. Here, you will make an achievable behavioral tweak each week to slowly build up healthier habits.

What are my interactions with the coach?

You'll work directly with your expert coaching team. They all take their guidance from world-class advisors based on the most effective evidence-backed techniques.

You can message them via text at any time, and they'll guide you through achievable behavioral tweaks each week.

You'll also see them each work in the psychological strengthening video sessions.

Our tools work with your biology, not against it

To kick things off we get your insurance to cover some lab work that reveals exactly how your body is functioning. This is performed locally to you so it’s easy and convenient. 

From there we pair you with a specialist obesity doctor and a personal health coach, who together build a program that’s tailor-made for you.

Created by experts

Fella’s team is made up of experts on obesity and male psychology. You deserve the best.

Get to a healthier weight (for good)

Find out if you're a good fit for Fella

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