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Personalized Medical Assessment with a Board-Certified Obesity Doctor
Let’s Get Started
Let’s Get Started

Personalized Medical Assessment with a Board-Certified Obesity Doctor

$100 ~ $600
Clinic Price
Your Price Today
Understand the framework of your biology
Address what you’ve tried previously and why it hasn’t worked
Discuss if GLP-1 medication makes sense for your body
Discuss if you’ve been accidentally fighting against your body’s chemistry
Review recent lab work if available
Get a personalized assessment of the weight you’ll lose with Fella

Your First Week With Fella

Included in the cost of your Fella membership.


Metabolic Assessment

Your Fella doctor will order lab work based on your individual needs, and get it scheduled at a location near you. The Fella concierge team will work with your insurance to get hundreds of dollars of blood work covered for a low co-pay.

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The Right Medication For You

Prescription Weight Loss Treatment

Fella offers a range of FDA-approved weight loss medication. Your Fella doctor will prescribe the most effective medication based on your biology, and the Fella concierge team will work with your insurance to coordinate coverage.

A Coach Who Has Your Back

Accountability And Mental Strategies

Meet our lead coach Sean, who will work with you 1:1 to help you build healthy mental strategies to overcome stress eating. He'll also help you gradually build healthier habits which fit with your lifestyle.

Strength In Numbers

You’re Not In This Alone

Our private community functions as a weekly virtual men’s group and feels like a team. Share successes, challenges, get support, and make incredible friends who are on the same mission as you.

100% satisfaction or full refund within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment: What medication does Fella offer?

Fella offers a range of FDA-approved medications, including GLP-1 medications. Your Fella doctor will prescribe the right medication for your individual biology, after conducting an extensive Metabolic Assessment: based on your blood work, your medical history and your current health.

Treatment: How fast will I get results?

You'll start seeing results within the first month. These will compound for the full 12-month program.

With Fella’s unique combination of innovative medicine, personalized psychological coaching, accountability and group support, members are getting life-changing results that last. Much of your success in our program will come from how much you engage in our process - our coaches are friendly and approachable, but they will hold you accountable and make sure that you’re staying on track.

We won’t lie and say this is going to be easy, but we can say in all honesty that with our tool kit, you’re set up for success, and we have full confidence that together, we’ll achieve your goals and that your results will last a lifetime.

What’s your refund policy?

We promise you results, no catch. If for any reason you’re not happy with our program, we’ll refund every dime of any payment made to Fella if you let us know within 30 days of joining. We’re confident that you’ll experience straightforward, healthy, sustainable weight loss with Fella. But if for any reason you aren’t happy with our program, you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting us at with the subject line “Cancellation Request.” A full overview of our refund policy can be viewed here.

Treatment: Are you sure my insurance will pay for the medication?

If you’ve landed on this page it means our algorithm has determined that based on your state, insurance type and health factors that our Fella concierge team will be able to work with your insurance to get an appropriate medication covered by your insurance, with you paying a prescription copay of less than $30. If you’re at all unhappy with your insurance coverage, please email us at We’re here for you, and will make sure your medication is affordable.

Treatment: Is this safe?

Absolutely. The medications that Fella doctors prescribe are 100% FDA approved, and our partner doctors are discerning in making sure that they only prescribe treatments that will be safe for your individual biology, based on your biomarkers and medical history.

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Justin changed his relationship with food.

"Me holding a 42lb pumpkin. Representing the weight I've lost over the last 2 and a half months."


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Verified Review

Progress for the last 2 and a half months

"Me holding a 42lb pumpkin. Representing the weight I've lost over the last 2 and a half months."

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Verified Review

Results show on the scale

"It's all been a really good process to be honest with you. Fella's different because it's teaching me different things - it's not a diet, it's about making better choices. I feel better, I sleep better (used to have insomnia).. And the results show on the scale."

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Verified Review

On track to lose weight

"If I could go back and talk to myself a year ago about the Fella program, the biggest things I'd say would be about the coaching and the mindfulness. I think that's the biggest impact it's had on me, helping keep everything on track to lose weight."

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Verified Review

Down 20lbs in 2 months

"Before Fella I massively overate every weekend. Consistently for 2 years straight. Pigged out, fell off the wagon, binged - whatever you want to call it. I was out of control & it felt awful. Fella tackled the mental compulsion towards food. It empowered me to lose 20lbs in 2 months. I feel like I'm a totally different person at this point when it comes to my relationship with food."

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Verified Review

I'm down 30 pounds.

”I honestly didn’t think it’d ever be this easy. If I could tell myself a few months ago anything, it’d be to join Fella and don’t look back.”

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Verified Review

Fella is a Godsend

"This is the strongest I have ever been with good habits and clear thinking. Fella is a big part of that...I feel extremely hopeful. There is momentum right now and I feel very clear about what is working and what is happening. The clarity is very positive."

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Verified Review

It’s really working

"Kinda revolutionary in terms of shift change in my thinking rather than just plastering over cracks."

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Verified Review

I have hope again

"Fella has been a breath of fresh air in my struggle with eating."

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Verified Review

I've changed my relationship with food.

”I’m free from the stress eating that used to dominate my life. I’m finding healthy habits, feeling happier, and finally losing the weight in a way I know will last.”

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Verified Review

Finally a place where men can be themselves and get results

"I was an athlete in college and really fit. But as the years went on I got busy with work and stopped playing sports, but kept drinking beer and eating whatever I wanted. Eventually it caught up to me and I realized people see me as “the big guy”. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off at the lake and felt powerless to really change. Nothing I tried worked long term, just kept putting the weight back on. Fella is a game changer because it empowers men to own their psychology and build habits that lead to lasting weight loss."

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Verified Review

Fella’s helping me overcome my stress eating

"I used to down a whole pizza or a pint of ice cream in one sitting and think nothing of it. Unfortunately at my age that ends up with weight that just keeps creeping up.. I’m getting the tools I need to change all of that. I’m losing weight and feeling more energized and in control."

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Compare Fella with other popular weight loss solutions

Fella is the best option to get you affordable results that last.

Other weight loss solutions

Restriction Diets

Rapid weight loss, then it all comes back

When eating healthy
Rare long-term weight loss
Does not address underlying biology

Bariatric Surgery

25-50 pounds over 6 months

$7000 - $15,000
Total cost
Weight loss works sometimes
Addresses underlying biology

Personal Trainers

They only make money if you stay overweight

$500 - $2000+
Per month
No long-term weight loss
Does not address underlying biology

Primary Care Doctor

Simple diet/ lifestyle advice. Not experts in obesity

Per appointment
No long-term weight loss
Addresses underlying biology

GLP1s Without Fella

Lose weight while taking medication, no mental strengthening

$1400 - $1600
When eating healthy
No long-term weight loss
Addresses underlying biology

With GLP1 Medication

Lose 15% of body weight and improve health

Per month
Health for life
Addresses underlying biology