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, Your Biology Blueprint is Contained in Full Below.

Name, thanks so much for filling out your details. My name is Sean Welch – Head Coach here at Fella – and I’m going to guide you through the facts and data of THIS graph showing your true weight loss potential.

Your weight loss potential:

  • Starting
  • lbs
  • lbs
  • lbs

I know you’ve already tried:

Calorie counting

Cutting out certain foods

Intermittent fasting

Low carb diets

Other weight loss programs

Meal replacements

And you mentioned you’ve tried this for: time.

If those things failed you, and you feel like you’re missing an answer to your weight… the following report contains the answers you’ve wanted behind your body and your future.

We call it a Biology Blueprint. And your reading time is estimated at 3 minutes, 35 seconds to understand your body’s potential.

Inside, I’ll highlight that losing 15% or more of your body weight should be a natural, and achievable standard for you. So the answers below are yours and custom as a Fella.

Warning: This isn’t for the Faint-Hearted.
That’s why Men who *Needed* Results, Achieved This...

This is Justin.

This is Justin – holding a 42lb pumpkin – showcasing the results he achieved in just 12 weeks, following his Biology Blueprint. This Fella’s reason is to be better for his two sons and family.

42 lbs

Lost Weight

12 Weeks

Fella Program

Meet Jack.

Who’s down 30lbs following the custom Biology Blueprint he received on this exact page. He took the exact same steps you’re about to dive into.

30 lbs

Lost Weight

12 Weeks

Fella Program

Nobody Ever Factors in Your Body, Your Needs, and YOU as a Fella.

You’re an individual. Yet the medical industry fixates on meal replacements and pills. Personal trainers get paid as you stay overweight. Therapists try to solve everything with willpower that can only last for so long.

It’s why we’ve finally come to understand that lasting results lie in understanding your biology as a man. Nobody does this, which is why your Biology Blueprint here is vital.

We got these results by looking INTO the body and habits and pinpointing specific changes nobody could help you with before. THIS is what we’re fixing for men who’ve long struggled.

Total cholesterol: 180 mg/dL (normal)
HbA1c: 7% (too high / pre-diabetic)
Thyroid function: Normal
By using both doctors and behavioral change teams focused on sustainable and long term weight loss results, we’re able to dial in on exactly where your body makes you overeat, and struggle to shift the pounds you could never get off before.

213 lbs

Your weight in 12 months
Your Biology Tells Us the Problem…

But the Answer Never Existed Until We Tested This.

It’s like the smoke that leads to kickstarting your metabolic fire.

And knowing we need to fix a missing component of your weight loss biology, improve a toxic relationship with food, and create truly sustainable change…

We bring in the firepower: Your own personal team of doctors, coaches, and medical specialists behind every single future step of you.

Your biology blueprint

That's our goal here at Fella.

And this is your Biology Blueprint Name. Here’s how the plan starts:

A Full Metabolic Assessment

We’ll unlock what’s keeping your body stuck, and what it needs right now.

Your Weight Loss Prescription

Using a prescription that works with your metabolism to repair pathways that need help, fast.

Habitual Change Programming

With the body working with us, now it’s time to understand your mind and move that to physical lasting change. But here's the deal...

Any of these could work on their own. None are guaranteed to last. That’s why we COMBINE the process. With our team of specialists, this allows us to help you:

Become healthier

- and do it faster

Engage more with family

- and do it faster

Feel better day-to-day

- and do it faster

Improve physical appearance

- and do it faster

Become Healthier

- and do it faster

Be X lbs

by 12
Take another look at this Metabolic Assessment below…

Nearly straight away, it points our team to a major blocker of sustainable weight loss.

And none is triggered more often, or more evident in weight loss than a natural hormone called GLP-1. It deals with hunger, satiation, and nutrient timing in the body. And there’s a hard truth behind it. The more you eat, the more this signal in your body gets overridden. We call it your “Satiation Hormone” and when it’s out of whack, we need to resolve it immediately. This is often why no matter the exercise, meal plan or timing… the hunger just always lasts.

GLP-1 is your “Satiation Hormone”
When it works, you feel fuller with less food
The more you overeat, the more it gets “blocked”
The Fella team looks for health bio markers to fix it fast

This is How We Bulletproof the future Name... are you in?

Our process kickstarts with the same Metabolic Assessment that helps us identify what’s needed to fix your “Satiation Hormones”.

If we fix that, You feel fuller and faster, with less food.

In fact, that’s one key component we hear our Fella’s say time and time again: “It’s almost like I’m full after half the meal.” That’s because your Satiation Hormones play a major role in sending signals to your brain by modulating your hunger and appetite.

If we continually stretch your satiation hormones to act longer… we dive deep into fixing a major factor of your weight gain. This means you’ll work with your Doctor (like Dr. Esho, a board certified obesity physician) to create a custom prescription that works to improve your GLP-1 and biology. These are FDA approved, as far back as 2014. They also contain zero stimulants, and aren’t habit forming. But there’s something important I need to add here. You might be wondering…
Dr. Esho
Board Certified Doctor

“Do I Need This? Why Now? I Might Just TRY Another Diet Again…”

When most of our Fella’s have goals like this… like you, they’ve tried everything before.
Nothing keeps off that incessant hunger from years of habitual stress, comfort, and binge eating. It’s like it never ends.

However, using the prescription your Fella Doctor Recommends you’ll soon notice the following happen within your body:

Manageable, consistent weight-loss

The New York Times recently called it “a new era of treatment for [ weight loss ]”

Dramatic improvements in your Biology and GLP-1

Improve your Metabolic signals, and increase all weight loss efforts

Your stomach and brain now align

This connection typically degrades in habitual overeaters.

Your weight loss potential

  • Starting
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

And once we start to see results that you, our coaching team, and your doctor agree on… We start either tapering the prescription down, or coming off it entirely.

It’s just to get your body truly working again.

Results like this are why Dr. Robert F. Kushner, a weight loss researcher at NWU Feinberg School of Medicine called prescriptions like this a “new era”. And Harvard recently described these processes as “a new treatment [for weight loss].”
But this isn’t enough, No One Thing Is.

That’s why we’re guaranteeing results with this…

Prescription or not, if your habits revolve around overeating, the weight often comes back. So now it’s time to add your physical and mental masterclass… Which has been specifically factored for your age group: 0.

Our goal here is simple: Get to the root of your patterns with food…See WHY these patterns arise and install new, sustainable habits instead.

This is where we’ll meet!

We’ll get physical, we’ll monitor your nutrition, and create accountability that massively aids your weight loss today, and for your future.

If this sounds easy, it requires dedication, and accountability, like anything else. It’s why the Fella team supports you through:

Tasks to elevate your nutrition
Simple low impact exercise plans
Your Meal timing / Dieting style
And daily routines for self-mastery
Nutrition tracking and planning

Not only that, you have access to your Fella doctor, and you and I check in regularly to maintain positive results.

"[ I ] Pigged out, fell off the wagon, binged. Fella tackled the mental compulsion towards food. It empowered me to lose 20lbs in 2 months. I feel like I'm a totally different person… when it comes to my relationship with food."

It’s THIS process that happens in just a few short weeks… that kickstarts your metabolism, and body in a way that’s never been tapped into before. Like Shai…

This is just the start of your Biology Blueprint, and your lasting results.

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Welcome to Fella.

And welcome to the future you, John. You’re about to partner with a team of specialists solely dedicated to your body and results.

You’re also a pioneer.

John, here's your timeline.
Let's get started.

You’re about to be one of a select handful of men who tap into their hormones for optimum weight loss… and get your body finally working with you for weight loss.
lbs in
1. Get your Metabolic Assessment
Bloodwork, Metabolic Signalling and plans.
3. Get your Coaching Plan
Say hello to a new year over a video call with your coach.
5. Meet your doctor
Understand your body and work through your prescription(FDA approved).
2. Get your Doctor’s prescription
Doctor prescribes effective medication for your body. We work with your insurance.
4. Meet your coach
Create a relationship of trust and accountability for success.
A smiling male doctor
6. Meet your results
Track, measure, and assess consistent weight loss week to week.

John, Here’s How We Make This Affordable and Long Lasting For You. Think of everything you’ve tried before, then add up the costs.

Primary Care Doctor

Simple dietary advice. Relies on willpower. Not experts in long standing male weight loss success
$3,600 - $5,000
Per year ($300 per appointment)
Relies on willpower
Can address underlying biology and metabolic signalling
Likely won’t address it

Personal Trainers

You're their best client the longer you stay. And so what do you think that means?
Per year ($500 per month)
Relies on willpower
Doesn't address Metabolic Signalling
Solely gym and diet
Natural change, but uphill battle for most

Bariatric Surgery

30-40 pounds over 6 months. But at what cost?
$10,000 - $15,000
Total cost
Totally changes body
Reversible at massive risk to body
Restrictive lifestyle after procedure
Addresses biology, but through invasive surgery
Doesn't fix hormone regulation

Medication w/o Fella

Reliant only on medication after bloodwork. Here's the details
per year ($1,200 per month)
Not covered by insurance
Weight has chance of bouncing back
Addresses Metabolic Signalling and fixes root cause of body issue.

So what if lasting change was free for you to try out?

In fact, what if you could blueprint this out live with our team... and judge for yourself?

This is the exact reason we’ve opened up our calendar to speak with Fellas like you and implement their blueprint out together

“After your advisory call, you’ll meet me where we work 1-1 to create your prescription plan. This happens fast! So if getting results matters to you, book in with us today.”

Dr. Esho
Board Certified Doctor
The truth is

Schedule in your advisory call, plan your 3, 6, and 12 month results…

And it either works for you or you don’t move forward. However you will be armed with a full blueprint of how you could lose 10-15% or more of your bodyweight.

You will understand our process, how your team supports you, and exactly what you can expect from day one. 

And you can work through how to make this sustainable and lifelong. So schedule in your advisory call on the calendar today.

Choose the earliest availability from below and book in your free advisory call today

We can partner with your insurance provider to make sure you get your prescription at the lowest out of pocket cost. That’s why this call is so important

Once this is done, you’ll meet me soon after!And pretty soon, we’ll text about results like these:

→ 4 lbs last week. 
→ 3 lbs last week.

And it’s right at this moment you realize you’re armed with the process giving you lasting weight loss results for life. With a team that supports you at every single step. 

So you in?

Book in your advisory session above to start building your plan out

2 Paths to the Best You, Name.
Which One Will You Walk?

Right path

You take my hand, and our team’s hand, and you jump into the Fella™ process.

You deep dive into your biology, fix your Metabolic Signalling, and kickstart our mental and physical coaching process here.

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Left path

You strike out and go it on your own. You leave this page. And take another stab at it.

You mentioned you’ve tried data here  in the past. And the odds of that being the answer again, are slim.

Reality is, if we leave it up to chance, we get random results. And if that’s been your past, don’t make it your future.

Left Path
You strike out and go it on your own. You leave this page. And take another stab at it.

You mentioned you’ve tried data here  in the past. And the odds of that being the answer again, are slim.

Reality is, if we leave it up to chance, we get random results. And if that’s been your past, don’t make it your future.

Right Path
You take my hand, and our team’s hand, and you jump into the Fella™ process.

You deep dive into your biology, fix your Metabolic Signalling, and kickstart our mental and physical coaching process here.

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- Coach sean

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We have a small team here, and will serve you as best as possible on our call. So please attend your advisory call.
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