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David C, Austin, TX

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Verified Review

Down 20lbs in 2 months

"Before Fella I massively overate every weekend. Consistently for 2 years straight. Pigged out, fell off the wagon, binged - whatever you want to call it. I was out of control & it felt awful. Fella tackled the mental compulsion towards food. It empowered me to lose 20lbs in 2 months. I feel like I'm a totally different person at this point when it comes to my relationship with food."

Verified Review

Fella is a Godsend

"This is the strongest I have ever been with good habits and clear thinking. Fella is a big part of that...I feel extremely hopeful. There is momentum right now and I feel very clear about what is working and what is happening. The clarity is very positive."

Verified Review

It’s really working

"Kinda revolutionary in terms of shift change in my thinking rather than just plastering over cracks."

Verified Review

I have hope again

"Fella has been a breath of fresh air in my struggle with eating."

Verified Review

Finally a place where men can be themselves and get results

"I was an athlete in college and really fit. But as the years went on I got busy with work and stopped playing sports, but kept drinking beer and eating whatever I wanted. Eventually it caught up to me and I realized people see me as “the big guy”. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off at the lake and felt powerless to really change. Nothing I tried worked long term, just kept putting the weight back on. Fella is a game changer because it empowers men to own their psychology and build habits that lead to lasting weight loss."

Verified Review

Fella’s helping me overcome my stress eating

"I used to down a whole pizza or a pint of ice cream in one sitting and think nothing of it. Unfortunately at my age that ends up with weight that just keeps creeping up.. I’m getting the tools I need to change all of that. I’m losing weight and feeling more energized and in control."