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Like you, Jack was often able to lose weight but struggled to keep it off. He has now lost 30lbs and with improved habits and routines, now has confidence that he will keep it off, for good.

"30 lbs lost and counting."

Jack, Texas
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Rework your biology for sustainable weight loss

We use a 3-step process to kickstart blocked hormones in your body. Each stacks on top of each other to create week-by-week results.

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Personal Prescription

Get your custom weight loss prescription that works to reboot your blocked satiation hormone. 

Habit Programming

Never binge again. Get massive accountability through simple sustainable habits. 

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Metabolic Assessments

Monitor and improve your body’s performance whilst dropping 15% or more of bodyweight.


Men are getting results that last with Fella

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John Doe
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John Doe
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John Doe
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Our process

A dedicated team for you

Your First Week

Work with your Fella doctor. Retrigger your satiation hormones. Get your prescription. Build sustainable habits with your coach.

Your First Month

With your daily prescription use, you feel fuller for longer. You’re eating less, dropping more, and feeling great doing it.

Your First Quarter

Working with our team, you could see 5-10% losses in your body weight, and surges in fitness levels.

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Here’s what men have to say about the Fella process

Built for you

Our tools work with your biology, not against it

We get your insurance to cover some lab work that reveals exactly how your body is functioning. This is performed locally to you so it’s easy and convenient.

From there we pair you with a specialist obesity doctor and a personal health coach, who together build a program that’s tailor-made for you.

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Created by experts

Fella’s team is made up of experts on obesity and male psychology. You deserve the best.

"..FDA-approved medications that have been proven to work, especially GLP-1. This medication works with your body to make you feel fuller faster."
Dr Bukola Esho, MD
US Board Certified Fella Physician
"Eliminating the stigma that reaching out is a sign of weakness is very important here at Fella. Asking for help is the purest form of strength."
Sean Welch
Fella Head Coach, US Army
"Men have historically been underrepresented in healthcare settings  for eating struggles."
Dr Iakovina Koutoufa, DClinPsy
Fella Lead Psychologist, Royal Holloway
A smiling male doctor
"I feel I finally have the power to do something about this."
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Got more questions? We’ve got more answers.

What medications will I be prescribed? Are they FDA-approved?

If prescribed, the medications are FDA-approved and are scientifically proven to help with losing weight, and tackling obesity. The prescription are often GLP-1 medications (glucagon-like peptide-1s), which have been safely used for treatment as far back as 2005. GLP-1s help lower your set point by decreasing hunger, increasing satiety, and regulating hormones. Your Fella doctor works with you here to create the best pathway for you, which works with your health history and your insurance coverage.

Is the prescription covered by my insurance?

Our team works directly with your healthcare insurance to get your prescription covered. If you don't have appropriate insurance there are effective cash pay medications which are up to $30/month. Of course for any reason, we always offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee for the program.

Do I have to take the prescription?

If you have a lot of weight to lose, the issue is often far more complex than just "eat less and exercise more". Will power is extremely fleeting, and it's easy to fall back into old habits. Plus, in peer-reviewed research, in combination with lifestyle change, the prescription we work to get is one of the most effective ways to get to a healthier weight. It fixes your hormonal system to work for weight loss, faster than most exercise and diet routines. However when combined with diet, exercise, and willpower activities, it's extremely hard to get better, sustainable weight loss. If you'd prefer not to do medication we can provide only the coaching and app as a standalone program on request.

What's my refund policy?

You have full access to a 30-day money-back guarantee for the program if you're not satisfied. By this stage, you'll meet your clinician, arrive on a plan, work with your coaching team, and progress has already started. If at this point you're not comfortable, just let us know.

How does this process work for me?

We maximize your metabolic health from A-Z. It starts with your metabolic assessment, getting your health check, receiving your prescription, and meeting your coach. Your coach creates a playbook that we continually reference throughout your journey - which is updated as you progress. We're focusing on key behavioral tweaks that are sustainable, and stack on top of each other to build a new health foundation. At this stage, this combines with your prescription to see quick results. As we progress down in weight, we monitor your health, you interact with your clinician and coach, and then we reassess. It’s here that many Fellas begin tapering down or off their prescription, as we see a significant percentage of body weight shed. Here we double down on behavior and nutrition as we work to build sustainability. Our goal is getting the body to normalize the weight loss, and metabolically fire without the prescription use. As we push at this stage – prescription use or not – weight loss will slow as you narrow down into the ideal weight range. But we double up our efforts together, and reassess our playbook behaviors.

How do I interact with the Fella team?

You'll work directly with your expert coaching team. They all take their guidance from world-class advisors based on the most effective evidence-based techniques for massive behavioral change. After your initial onboarding calls and prescription plans, you can message them via text at any time, and they'll guide you through achievable behavioral tweaks each week. Our primary communication tool is through your coaching playbook, which we adjust, and monitor through text activities. We also have an active community of like-minded men in similar positions. It's your choice to participate in this or not. It's not optional, but we've seen a rising tide lift all ships. So if community is important to you, we've got you covered.

Why did Fella create this program?

With men often being a second thought, research highlighted how men are underserved by existing weight loss programs. When you join Fella, you're met with a process that's been tailored not only for men's biology, but it's been programmed to match men's needs. We built this program to support the men who needed it, but couldn’t find the answers they wanted to their weight and health.

Get control of your weight for good. Inside and out

Losing weight doesn’t matter if it always comes back on. With Fella, we cover every single element to make sure your body, mind, and biology works. Before you know it, you’ll fly past your best ever efforts. Only this time, it keeps going. That’s the Fella process.